Good Reads


Last week I was able to do a book share with the students in the class I’m observing to help them find new texts to read for their independent reading assignments. I created a list of titles and a Prezi about a few specific books that I have read and enjoyed, and had the class discuss the books they have read and enjoyed as well. The students marked a few books from the list I created that they were interested in,  but in planning the lesson I wanted to offer them a larger resource for finding books they might want to read.

On their list and in my Prezi, I told the students about, which is a great website for readers of any age. On this site, you can look for books based on a variety of categories, such as genre, and can read reviews and ratings left by other people. 

An account is free, and while it is not a requirement for using the site, choosing books that you’ve read in the past and rating them based on how much you enjoyed them will enable the website to make you personal, individualized recommendations. This is great for students who loved a certain book and are looking for similar reads. 

You and other users from the site can create and vote on lists based on some kind of categorization that includes whichever books you choose. There are a wide multitude of Young Adult Literature lists, for example, and can be a great way to keep up with current popular literature that you may be able to read or recommend to students. 

Directing students to is a great way to help them find their next texts on their own rather than just going over a list with them as well. It makes them an active participant in the selection of the material they wish to focus on and empowers them through choice and research. 

I recommend goodreads to anyone who loves to read!


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  1. kestearns
    Nov 07, 2013 @ 10:36:49

    Cassie, I’m so glad you got to share Goodreads with a class (more than one?). I also love Shelfari( because I like to see the books sitting on the shelves!!! What did you learn about your readers that day that interested you or surprised you?


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