My First Radio Show


This week I had the privilege of creating a radio show online with two of my fellow classmates. After hearing about the project, I was curious as to how it would be done and how well it would turn out. I’ve had to do plenty of collaborative projects with other mediums, like video or PowerPoint, but never a project that was solely audio. 

At our first meeting over Skype, Kim, Ryan, and I went through the proper preparation steps and came up with the idea of creating a show that centered on something all college students could relate to–late night homework sessions. We left the meeting with plenty of ideas so that we could create outlines in time for our next meeting. I already felt a lot better with this unfamiliar project.

The next time we met in person, after Spring Break, and immediately got started. We decided to use GarageBand to record our show, which we would later upload to Soundcloud. 

Everything went well that first time, although creating an introduction took longer than one would expect. We each created separate personas, and came up with the name “What the FM I Still Doing Up Radio.” 

Of course, as with any assignment, we hit our fair share of bumps. None of us had used GarageBand extensively before, so we lost recordings multiple times and were forced to re-record. Kim especially put a lot of effort into learning how to work the program, watching a 30-minute instructional video to edit our project as well as possible. 

We all worked well together, creating scripts, characters, commercials, and transitions with ease. Everyone kept busy and the process took a few days at the library. We were all happy with the final product.

We decided to format our show as a sort of competition between callers so we could vary voices and keep it interesting. We included several relevant songs and commercials to break up the radio show hosts and the callers. Our callers included two stereotypical late-night students and one professor.

Overall, this was a fun and interesting project. It could definitely be utilized by either teacher or student in a classroom, and it was a very useful skill to learn. 

You can listen to “What the FM I Still Doing Up Radio” here.


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  2. jenpetrosino
    Mar 28, 2013 @ 09:39:49


    I think I had much of the same experience with the radio show. At first I was nervous, then after meeting, I was excited and eager to get started. Settling on the theme and brainstorming ideas certainly helped to generate this newfound enthusiasm for the project. Getting started I too had to acquaint myself with the program Garageband, and just when I thought it was going well we hit a major road bump, much like you guys did! After fixing the problem and finally putting together the show, even though things were far from perfect, my group mates and I were extremely proud, much like you and your group seem to be, as well. After reading, I can only expect that this will be a common experience that everyone in our class shared.

    I can totally empathize with your experience of putting a lot of effort into learning how to use the program, and eventually loosing quite a bit of it. My group and I only lost two minutes or so, and luckily we were actually able to find the rest.

    I loved the idea of your show—from the theme to the name of the show to the music and commercials. I think it gave you quite a bit to work with. From talking about Waterworks, the Memorial Library, and the gas station, you definitely did bring the SUNY Cortland experiences of getting homework done home! I also enjoyed hearing you all host as well as taking on “the different personalities of college students.”

    I think the music that you all used was a hit, too. It related to the theme and was timeless and relevant. Your commercials were also professional and seemed as if you had been creating commercials for a very long time! I personally really enjoyed the gym commercial, specifically.

    I especially enjoyed the bit with the caller Kelly having a panic attack at the library. Her experiences staying up late, reading four chapters, submitting assignments by midnight, and writing objectives, seems like an experience I know all too well! It was nice to see our personalities and experiences as students reflected yet again in the show, especially since it was geared towards an audience of college students. I think it was only appropriate that white girl freak out won the favorite caller challenge.

    Thank you so much for sharing your project as well as your experience. I hope every one else enjoys your show as much as I did!


  3. Live.Laugh.Write
    Mar 29, 2013 @ 05:12:36

    I really like your intro to your radio show! You had great enthusiasm. I also thought that your theme was pretty cool as well your radio show name (really clever). You guys had a great flow going where it sounded like you guys were just bouncing off ideas from each other which made it seem natural. Also, great song choices. It definitely fits to your audience and to the theme of your show. It seemed well planned and natural at the same time. I understand where you are coming from with frustration from garage band, we had the same feeling! Your white girl freak out was hilarious. It seems like you guys had just as much fun as our group.


  4. solaurensayys
    Mar 29, 2013 @ 05:32:06

    First off, I love the title of your radio show. It’s hysterical and really catchy. You guys seemed like you had a lot of fun doing this. I loved the theme of this show as well; insomnia is something every college kid can relate to. You had great commercials and bumpers, I felt like I was listening to legit radio show and not just a class project. Really great job!


  5. guardgirl122011
    Mar 29, 2013 @ 05:36:53

    I loved the concept of your radio show. It was really amusing, and the name was very creative. I liked the laugh track you added in after Ryan’s jokes. I also liked how all the songs and topics you talked about where all centered around the general concept of sleeping or lack there of. The commercials were really amusing. They were also very relevant to the college listener. It was creative having callers and helping them with their problems and using music to comment on what the caller said. This is actually a radio show that I would seriously listen to. All the songs you played are songs that I enjoy. I kind of wish that this was a real radio show. It would do very well with the college crowd, and it is well composed. Your sound effects help add to the conversation and aren’t overused. I also liked how you added in a twitter handle like a real radio show. Overall, this was very believable and really fun to listen to.


  6. Express yourself
    Mar 29, 2013 @ 07:17:36

    I really enjoyed listening to your radio show. I loved that you choose topics that were very easy to relate to as a college student which made the show that much more interesting. The usage of music that you incorporated into the show helped to make it more relate able. I really enjoyed the music choice also since they were great songs that any crowd would enjoy listening to. I feel that you guys really thought out what you wanted to talk about and who your audience was going to be due to the information that you were talking about. You guys did a great job! The show was very enjoyable to listen to.


  7. coryjgomez
    Mar 29, 2013 @ 08:07:42

    I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed this radio show! First off, the title of the show itself is super clever, I just love it. Ryan’s obnoxiously corny jokes actually made me chuckle. The pacing of the show was great too as a collective whole, I never found myself bored while listening due to the inclusion of sound effects and constant changing of host and songs. You guys really did a good job keeping the listener engaged. Most importantly, what I think your group did an excellent job on was remaining topical. The show had a consistent theme that was supported not only through the dialogue of the hosts, but the commercials and even the songs! Super impressed guys, outstanding product.


  8. marycolleenbcolgan
    Mar 29, 2013 @ 10:27:05


    I loved this show so much! It embodies the life of the SUNY Cortland AEN major perfectly, reflecting the way in which we all turn to humor in moments of crisis.

    Your commercials were hilarious, along with the contest where your team had people call in to share their study habits. The entire show was hilarious and was put together perfectly. The songs were so relevant to everything you and your co-hosts were discussing. The rhyming at the beginning of your show was fun, along with your crazy names.

    Also, the name of your show is so perfect. Great job, everything was outstanding!


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